Matthew Jarratt is a creative broker; he facilitates arts and culture projects that bring together the public sector, the private sector and the artist. This is done through his extensive network of global arts and business contacts built from over 20 years in the public and private sectors.

Matthew is committed to the modernisation of public sector arts projects, and supports innovative thinking in the commercial sector by acting as a conduit, introducer and curator, he delivers bold, creative and inspiring visual arts projects.

Matthew takes an instinctive approach to partnership and problem solving which has helped to develop a number of new cultural institutions and significant arts projects.

Previously, Matthew spent 15 years at Arts Council England as part of the team that shaped the regions arts renaissance and drove forward culture led regeneration in the north east of england.

Now, Matthew is now using his experience to draw together the worlds of business, art, policy, education and EU funding to work with artists and organisations in the UK, specifically London, the North of England and internationally.